Custom Publications

    Custom Correction Packs

    Weekly CorrectionsBrookes & Gibson offer the option of custom weekly correction packs for specific vessels.  Each pack includes all essential information to correct a vessel’s charts and publications.

    These include :

    (a)    The weekly Notices to Mariners

    (b)   Customised tracings pack for the vessel’s charts

    (c)    Weekly correction list

    (d)   Ship’s folio list

    (e)   Weekly loose leaf updates for Lights Lists

    (f)     Weekly loose leaf updates for Radio Signals

    Custom correction packs eliminate unnecessary storage and handling for chart agents and eliminate wasted costs on printing and courier shipments.

    For example, tests on typical deep sea going vessels have shown that each vessel’s requirement for tracings is typically around 10-20% of published tracings. B&G is able to generate custom files of tracings based on the charts each vessel holds (chart lists to be supplied by KH Charts).

    Each “correction pack” is labelled with each individual ship’s details and is ready for onward shipment by their chart agent.